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I am a PhD candidate at Monash University researching Australian women’s anti-nuclear activism from 1945 to the 1970s because somehow people have forgotten that women did stuff between the end of WWII and the Women’s Liberation Movement. I get irrationally excited about the Cold War and I have taught undergraduate history subjects on the twentieth century which involves far more videos of David Hasselhoff singing on top of the Berlin Wall than students expect (look it up, trust me). My recent academic work has stretched from Melbourne’s prison history in the nineteenth century to the Royal Australian Navy’s role in the evacuation of Greece and Crete in WWII to the Vietnam Moratorium movement.

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Nicola Ritchie

After completing Honours in the postwar treatment of suicidal returned serviceman (that’s right, we’re both more qualified than Joe Hildebrand), I got two days into a PhD at the Australian National University before running screaming from the responsibilities and instability of a career in academia. My interests lie in 18th-20th century history with a focus on the development of masculinity, gender, and medical history. I also love a tank or two (nyoom). I have a vested interest in making the complexities of history accessible and understandable for the layperson, which influenced my decision to study a Masters of Teaching instead (not to mention the potential for steady, permanent work. Imagine).

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